AVIC Park: Historical And Experimental Playground In China

AVIC Park is not just a playground for children, but also a memorial monument for those who have triumphed in the Chinese aviation industry. This park was originally an industrial manufacturing airline in Hongdu that once held an important mission to create countless aircraft to fulfill men’s dreams of flying. As the first part of the old city to be rebuilt, YIYU design has managed to change the old aircraft factory into a creative center for the community. Apart from being a unique experimental playground, it also aims to preserve a piece of architectural history and revive memories of its rich past.

Consists of several parts of the park that has a characteristic of each, such as the valley of the cloud, stage of trees, and aviation plaza at its center. The project aims to reuse empty land along the forest to create a close but harmonious relationship between humans and nature, and a place to remember the green beauty of each child’s memories.

source: landezine


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