Beautiful Plant Lamps Inspired By Nature

Have you ever seen a shining plant? Botany might feel like an impossible inspiration for lighting, but in the hands of an industrial designer, Mariana Folberg, all of that can be real. Plant aesthetics, their shape and structure are designed to function perfectly, with each part perfectly aligning and helping others. According to him, nothing is carefully designed as nature and this is what makes it so beautiful. I think nature is very inspiring for this plant lamp collection, which combines contemporary lighting with the beauty of greenery.

At first glance it looks like a lamp leaves life, powered by LED lights, they are made in detail to evoke the essence of organic forms and complete with veins etched from the stem to the tip of the leaves. This plant lamp is very suitable in the dark, and can also be a soothing sleep light. When turned on, the flow of electricity flows from the stem of the stem and produces soft light, displaying the intricate details of the design. Even so, they still look beautiful when turned off and can be a beautiful home display, while still providing many benefits for decorating you both day and night.

source: mymodernmet


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