Casa Hualle: A Family Home With Three Landscape In Chili

A family home located in the southern Araucania region of Chile, famous for its natural beauty, sandwiched between Lake Villarrica and the volcano of the same name, Casa Hualle. Despite being in a single situation, instead of being in a local relief, the construction designed by Ampuero-Yutronic studio stands upright and peacefully in the midst of dry vegetation. Wooden block with an area of 230 m2 is filled with geometry and light, the combination of exceptional overlay decoration with cast dark exterior, reminiscent of the volcanic rock. Do not stop there, the surrounding nature is very supportive for the indulgent eye, dictate the position and size of windows to capture the landscape as perfect as possible three at once: mountains, fields and lakes. Walking out, just as amazingly, the design and the concept of competing fairly. The shape of the building itself reveals in accordance with the point of view, if one face makes a rectangle with a modern style, then the other presents it as a farmhouse. The entire interior is made of light wood and concrete, in contrast to the intoxicating green landscape with strict statements.

Construction: Nuevo Horizonte Constructora

Photography: Felipe Fontecilla, Javier Ampuero

source: milkdecoration


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