Case Inlet Retreat With Beautiful Nature Surroundings

An amazing retreat that is blessed with surrounding natural scenery, such as this small retreat located on wooded slopes along the eastern edge of Case Inlet. Designed by MW|Works Architecture+Design is a Seattle based design studio, this retreat opens the western scenery of the Olympic mountains and Puget Studio. As if to really blend with the natural surroundings, a bold concrete cantilever projecting living room and dining room into the woods and toward the view. Most of these retreats use natural materials with many wooden decks in all parts, including an ipe deck from inside the kitchen to the southern meadows, separated only by large sliding glass doors that extend the interior feel directly out of space.

A large flat roof floating high above the living space creates a feeling that makes someone like sitting in the middle of a tree. To allow more air to enter more space, smaller holes are carefully placed which determine the outside of the volume of the bedroom, together with one large hole in the bathroom in the room to give users the ritual of bathing in the forest. If you want a comfortable place to hide from the city or want a moment to enjoy the beauty of nature, a wonderful retreat this could be the perfect inspiration resting place.

photography: Jeremy Bittermann


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