Cute And Minimalist XL Shelf From Rafa-Kids

I really fell in love with XL shelf collection from Rafa-Kids Studio based in Rotterdam. Their works are inspired from modern and minimalist aesthetic, visible from a great storage ideas for kids. We know kids love to mess up their rooms, and I’m sure your child also has a large collection of toys or books that barely fit on his bed. Xl shelf lets you see all the hugs kid favorites and then pick up that he wants to play or sleep with him. This functional shelf makes you win two things, beautiful decoration in kids room and a good way to store it. This shelf is also suitable for displaying your other children’s collections such as Lego, dinosaurs, books, or art drawings.

The minimalist style is very visible with not a lot of furniture and products, this is how to try to keep things simple. To create timeless items that encourage children’s creativity and their desire to play. Xl shelf for these children may not look much different, but believe me, it is much more compact and suitable for even the most challenging corner d is older.

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