IKEA SVALNAS: Flexible And Be Creative Shelf Systems

There are many reasons why you will very easily like SVALNAS storage collection from IKEA. This is a shelf unit to design your own space to suit your interests. With SVALNAS system, you can create wall storage solutions specifically tailored to your needs and the space you have.

Amazingly, this storage unit is made of bamboo which is environmentally friendly, wear resistant, sustainable and does not require a lot of space. Not only that, SVALNAS is also very flexible and creative because it is equipped with unlimited work space and storage racks.

SVALNAS has a flexible storage unit that gives you choices whether you want to show or hide your items. Blending them together is also a brilliant idea so that everything has its place, whatever your collection of items. With SVALNAS, you can combine a variety of different depths and widths with many options such as sliding doors, drawers and compartments to create your own personal storage wall.

If you think SVALNAS just like a wall storage unit in general, then you are wrong, wait until you see the combination of work space SVALNAS. If you need a desk at home but don’t have room for office, SVALNAS presents an effective way to save space by entering a table into your wall storage.


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