IKEA Toys Competition For All Kids

All kids must have dreams about their favorite dolls, whether it’s imaginary animals or cute, cute monsters. Inspired by the imagination of children around the world, IKEA opened a doll drawing competition for all children aged between 4 and 12 years in which six lucky winners will be embodied picture and sold at IKEA stores around the world.

This annual IKEA toy drawing competition has attracted 87,000 entries from children around the world. Some of their works were taken as toys for the limited edition SAGOSKATT collection. Now some of their collections are sold now, and the full results of each toy are sold to children’s charities. So wait no more if you have children who meet the criteria, invite them to participate in creating their works. Here are some IKEA toys that have been successfully realized in some cute and adorable works, maybe the next is the work of your kids.

Explore the jungle with a hedgehog-dinosaur

“I have made a mix of a hedgehog, dinosaur and a monster. Kotten only eats fruit and has very good claws that are used for climbing in trees. It lives in the jungle or rainforest where there is a lot of tropical fruit and it likes a hot climate,” says Kotten’s eight-year-old creator, Greta.

Fly among the clouds with Pink Unicorn

“I drew a pink unicorn named Pink Unicorn who loves to fly in the sky. I hope other children in the world can play with my soft toy with me,” says five-year-old Peixin.

Make mischief with the friendly Monster

“I just wanted to draw something cool so I drew a monster,” says Runar, 8. “His name is Monster and during the day he’s always saying something funny, teasing and joking.”

Swim the seas with a colorful shark

Nine-year-old Jimin says: “I drew a little shark because I love swimming and want to swim together with the little shark. During the day I think he is travelling under the sea.”

Make a splash with Unda the seal

“My seal’s name is Unda,” says Natalia, 8. “Unda is very friendly and when happy, pats her belly with a flipper. She can do a lot of funny tricks, such as flipping a fish on her nose. Fish are her best friend, for this reason Unda always carries one in her pocket.”


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