Magnificent Bantry Bay House With Natural Surroundings

A new house can be said to be designed for bachelor, if you don’t want to be called a man’s cave because of its magnificent building in Bantry Bay, Cape Town with the surrounding natural scenery that makes you not want to leave. Most of the interiors choose masculine style with black and gray accents, this emphasizes that the owner is a real man who enjoys classy decor. The architectural firm responsible for the design is Archilab based in Cape Town, they have succeeded in designing a dwelling with a bold contemporary style. Minimalist approach to the materialization and the detail of the building is the core for interior and exterior design. The use of glass walls that lie almost in every room produces abundant light and maximizes the views of the Atlantic Ocean and the mountains that make you feel that the part of the house and the surrounding landscape is one.

In this new building, Sumari Krige who is also the owner of La Grange Interiors has been involved from the beginning, not only for the concept of the house but also determining all the interior parts. Still holding on very contemporary design of the structure of La Grange increasingly eager to create something very different and decorated. Contemporary but simple and closer to the natural surroundings.


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