Modern Vertical Garden: Matic Indoor Farm For Urban Lifestyle

Living in a busy urban’ll make you hard to have time for gardening. Especially if you live in an apartment, and really do not have the slightest land. Inspired by a modern lifestyle that demands everything fast, designer Joana Amaral wants to give hope for those of you who crave to have their own garden in the house. Matic indoor farm is designed with a very simple goal, which is to give more green in order to provide a more sustainable lifestyle through the creation of a small garden or farm at home. This is a practical and effective solution that doesn’t consume a lot of your space, put them on the wall and you have your own herbal garden.

Because of the needs of modern lifestyles and urban contexts, there is a higher desire to connect with nature, and overall will give you a healthier lifestyle. Matic indoor farm is your answer that can be achieved with the help of multifunctional vertical vases, it is suitable for those of you who do not have much time to garden or you are indeed happy with a healthy lifestyle.

source: tuvie


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