Panorama Glass Lodge For Honeymoon In Iceland

This is dreamy glass lodge of every couple in the world. A minimalist glass lodge designed in 2017 has made anyone who falls in love wants to come here. Panorama Glass Lodge is a family owned and operated, they are now open to anyone who wants to vacation in the middle of the enchanting landscape. This unique lodge located in Iceland, in at Hvalfjörður, directly on the waterfront and only 30 minutes drive from Reykjavik.

Being in this lodge you can sleep in an glass igloo house with stunning panorama views, where you will have the best adventures to see the northern lights, which will be very bright and highly visible because of its remote location. This lodge also allows you to enjoy the stunning midnight sun during the summer. If you are lucky, you can also see some sunbathing seals or even whales on the fjord from the beach. The perfect lodging for those of you who want a quiet place as it is located in a remote area and provides full and perfect privacy for your honeymoon or just an adventure trip.

If you do not have a plan to invite your couple, then panorama glass lodge may be your alternative, visit their site for details and reservations!


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