Taylor Swift Beverly Hills Home That You Can Buy Right Now

Who is not familiar with the world’s top female singer, Taylor Swift. One of the highest paid stars from the United States recently sold its luxury home in Beverly Hills, California. This beautiful house prices originally offered at a price of $ 2.95 million, but because of something that the singer had lowered his price to $ 2.85 million. The two-storey house measures 274 square meters, has a swimming pool and a beautiful wooden deck. This beautiful house contains four bedrooms and five bathrooms. Medieval-style modern house feature beamed at the window and onto the ceiling which made the whole room is filled with light. The living room and dining room use an open concept overlooking the outdoor swimming pool, which is surrounded by views of the mountains and lush landscape, there is also a fireplace in the main room that leads directly into the garden.

The kitchen is very stylish with stainless steel equipment and its own breakfast corner, while there are still many comfortable places to eat out. The open concept allows more air circulation, including an underground wine cellar equipped with an automatic climate controller, this wine cellar is claimed to be able to accommodate up to 1000 bottles of wine. Although the house was built in 1959, every aspect of the home ranging from equipment to the decor while providing ultra-modern look. This property is perfect for anyone who wants a comfortable home with clean lines and lots of light.

source: architecturaldigest


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