Top 35 Indian Living Room Designs With Various Cultures

In addition to the Asian decorating style, there are still many interior designs that emphasize the elements of culture and art at the same time. One of the many decorations from various countries in the world, maybe Indian interior design is the most unique. This style is the output of a mixture of various cultures, the celebration of the history, art and traditions across the country. Indian style interior is still the richest culture inherited from their ancestors and are still visible in their homes today. But this time we will not discuss too much about the interior style of India, though I can not deny it is very interested in the design of their living room.

Luckily today we will try to see further what Indian living room designs are like, if you plan to visit there in the near future, then don’t be surprised if the Indian living room will be a little different from most or most of the guest rooms you have seen before. There are unique from India living space, such as a mixture of Asian style with bohemian thick with traditional elements. Indian living room designs also do not always use modern furniture such as sofas or chairs, in some areas they only use carpets with pillows and sit on the floor. Traditional elements are very pronounced in Indian living room, visible from the traditional lanterns accessories, wicker, knitted fabrics and wood carvings. Here are the top 35 examples to draw inspiration from Indian living room design, so make sure one of them is you.

source: pinterest


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