Viewpoint Granasjoen With Beautiful Nature Surroundings

This is the best place to enjoy the natural beauty of Norway, Viewpoint Granasjøen is the modern version of the old Norwegian Gapahuk often called lean in English. Blessed by stunning views of the Granasjøen lake in the beautiful mountain region, Trollheimen in Norway. This building structure is designed as a summer shelter, food warehouse, bath house or just a place for them to take in the surrounding landscape, and is designed in close collaboration with customers to meet their every need.

The Gapahuk uses natural materials that support the surrounding environment, coated in dark brown wood that matches the main cabin, the grass roof and large sliding glass panels allow you to go to a view that can be opened. Bench specially designed and constructed ensure a good seat. For the outside, there are wooden walls and a sloping roof to make the building well in the open landscape. This is a tribute to those of you who love nature and want to be in it.

source: archello


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