Whimsical Shipwreck Lodge In Namibia’s Skeleton Coast

This is not a holiday cottage that you can find at any time on Namibia’s Skeleton Beach which is also famous for that. Hard landscapes on the country’s northwest coastline are full of skeletons of wildlife, damaged ships, and of both provide a unique area of vibration that is very charming. Who would have thought there are in the midst of these ruins there is a building known as the Shipwreck Lodge, the challenge is to design a luxury lodge with 20 beds in the area were very loud and quiet in Namibia, with almost zero environmental impact and the comfort level of a high. Designed by Nina Maritz Architects, these lodges are very integrated with shipwrecks around them, taking inspiration from the wreck of the shipwreck that surrounds them. Uniquely, the houses are slanted instead looks like the hull damaged from the outside, but it presents the charm of ancient decorations that give the feeling of being in a boat as well, with stylish interior.

Shelter sturdy construction, the interior is illuminated by daylight is designed to give you a sense of comfort and safety during extreme winds and storms. In addition to guest cabins, main lounges and dining areas, there is a restaurant just a short walk from whimsical lodging area. The view of the sand dunes outside looks almost like waves too, giving you a feeling of sailing on land, with a view of the vast Atlantic ocean not far from these standing cottages. If you want a different holiday experience, maybe the Shipwreck Lodge can be your next reference.


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