Wooden Juice Bruce For Citrus Fruits Squeezer

Summer is the best time to enjoy a glass of cool lemon juice, but sometimes we are often lazy to make it because it must prepare a juice machine is really troublesome. Now there is a simple and practical method for the extraction of lemon juice with a single tap. Introduce Juice Bruce, you may be fooled by the unique appearance of Bruce, but he was not a display of wood because there is nothing like Bruce other than citrus fruit juice. He looks easy and his mouth is expressionless that makes it look like he knows exactly what he is doing, He once went into lemons, oranges, limes and twisted until the last drop after extracting.

This lemon squeezer designed by Yaacov Kaufman Studio using wood and handmade with minimal face, but it has a pretty design for everyone to get references, and put out a smile. I think this is not only smart, but also very safe with the chosen natural wood. If you are interested, then you can get it for only $ 18!

source: yankodesign


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