Wooden Rocking Horses With Monsters Inspired

Among the many modern kids toys, sometimes we miss traditional toys where we are ever so happy to have them. Who has never had a wooden rocking horse? As we grow up and become parents, I miss long riding with the children on a wooden rocking horse. The designer Constantin Bolimond answered my dream to create a line of toy rocking horse but very different from the toy that we once knew. If it is usually a rocking horse toy inspired by horses or other farm animals, these toys are monsters in an attempt to help children overcome their fears by making them fun toys they can ride. Monster made of wood tendency that has been painted on one side of the inside to keep the natural wood appearance but still able to inject a little color into the overall design.

This collection consists of predatory sharks, evil gremlin, and octopus are malignant. Rocking horse resisting adorable designs are often created for children, and instead chose to make a scary monster into a simple natural toys with a touch of gentle curves that make it both fun and safe. Now your children will no longer be afraid of monsters, maybe even be their new friend.

“Most of us are still kids inside, which stop at the Toy Section in the shops, like to jump on the trampoline and still remember monsters from their childhood. This project is devoted to the Child inside us. It gives a chance to take a look at Your fears with a smile and to have a ride them.”


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