Wooden Sky Villages Building For Interactive Kid Walls

Currently kids toys is plenty of choice and variety, but look for toys that can exercise their creativity and imagination sometimes not an easy task. This is what you are looking for if you need children’s educational toys that inspire them to design, create and imagine through building blocks. Your child can load their own views of the city using a simple wooden pieces that are environmentally friendly, while children can decorate the walls of their rooms with floating villages in the cloud. This project is part of a unique and interactive installation at the SPARK Brooklyn Children’s Museum. Designed by James Paulius, the designer of the architectural building blocks Blockitecture Habitat and Garden City, proposed a new project with the same idea that lets children build their own architecture of the block.

This cute villages made of tessellating pieces that interlock and combine in countless ways to create various structures, and also serves as a mini storage unit. Made from reclaimed Douglas-fir that was originally part of Manhattan water towers, blocks that could be stacked in villages that could continue to grow. Brilliant idea for unlimited kids imagination.

Sky Villages invites your kids to live in the sky in a modular architecture that can be added or removed as the population continues to grow or decrease. This wall unit is designed prefabricated with the intention of being able to be reused rather than having to be discarded. Uniquely, when a unit no longer matches the specific needs of its location, it can be moved to another place for a new family to stay. This interactive village wall will continue to grow, teach children that the structures have a tendency as humans and nature are always changing.

By involving the imagination of children, this structure also teaches the concept of architecture and population to strengthen the application of creativity, problem solving, and three-dimensional thinking. But you don’t think it makes children confused, because this unit is designed very interesting and easy for kids.

source: petitandsmall


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