10 Best Kids Lighting From Urban Outfitters

What is on your mind when we talk about Urban Outfitters? Perhaps much of this thinking this is a retail company from the United States who are always depicted as a hipster, mall punk, stylish, bohemian and retro. Each of their products is always interesting and has never been separated from controversy, this company headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania does indeed sell items that we have never thought of before. But there are interesting here, some of them are still friendly products for children and totally adorable children used as bedroom lighting.

Maybe a glimpse of lighting a child from urban outfitters is unusual, but it’s hard to resist having one to light up the children’s room. Amazingly, their lamp collection is also suitable for adult rooms. Your child will surely love the lighting brontosaurus and his friend, an adorable smiley icons on the walls of their room, to light the character of a cute cat that will be a loyal friend. Intrigued as to what strange lights will make the appearance of kids rooms more unique? These are the 10 best kids lighting you must have. If you feel this is incomplete, you can find more collections of other lights by visiting their site.

1. Brontosaurus Light

2. Smiley Light

3. Succulent Himalayan Salt Lamp

4. Mushroom Resin Table Lamp

5. Mini Animal Shaped Light

6. Smoko Meowshua Touch Light

7. Smoko UO Exclusive Peach Light

8. Banana LED Neon Sign

9. Smoko UO Exclusive Banana Light

10. Smoko Lucky Meow Cat Light

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