10 Smart Ways To Laundry Arranging For Small Space

Organize the laundry room and make the laundry rack is not as easy as imagined, believe it will be difficult, especially if your space is very limited. But there is always a clever way to do it with a number of tricks that you can apply to a small space, and today I am very happy to share my experience in making laundry control racks that can be used together.

Take advantage of your space as well as possible, use a short rack and tralis for clothes that make it easier for you to store when you finish washing. Laundry cabinets with many storage racks will also function optimally with the needs of a laundry room in a narrow place. Try all the items you store can be easily accessed and found, use a transparent box or craft box that will not only save space but also make the room look wider. And if you do not you enough space at all, try to take advantage of the wall into a useful storage area. Here are 10 smart ways to organize your laundry room without having to bother with simple ideas but can function optimally. Let’s follow it!

1. Use stylish hanging rails for your clothes, this is very practical for small spaces

2. An open storage cabinet will make it easier for you to find what you need, try to put a shelf above the washing machine to save a lot of space

3. If you really do not have any more room to organize the laundry, use the empty area like a wall or board by adding pegboard wall storage

4. This idea is brilliant for hidden laundry storage rack using rack rate is quite functional

5. Storage Cabinets specialty apparel also serves as a wardrobe. Place dry clothes at the top and new clothes that have just been washed in the lower area

6. This is a smart storage corner, capable of storing all your laundry items such as soap, brushes, even irons, very practical and easily accessible

7. A good laundry setting is not enough if you do not pay attention to the beauty of your laundry room. Giving a bold color to one wall makes the washing room more beautiful and not boring

8. The easiest way to accommodate all the laundry you are using a large box that is versatile. This box is quite simple without having to have many shelves or cabinets which of course will take up a lot of space

9. Sometimes simple storage if done well will function optimally. As some laundry rack that looks trendy for small laundry room

10. The laundry cabinet does not have to be always big, even a small cabinet with a high design can arrange all your laundry needs very well


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