15 Clever Toy Storage Ideas For Small Spaces

Children like to play and often leave their toys strewn on the floor, on tables even in places that are difficult for us to reach. If that’s the case, I really miss better toy storage. Sometimes I hope to have a magic wand that can take care of all the mess just by waving and suddenly all these toy storage problems are gone. But I did have to think globally, let alone my house including small for children’s play area. Let’s try starting at the beginning and thinking of a smart storage idea, I can’t promise to solve all the problems of storing children, but I’m sure you have the same problem that is often encountered by every parent.

Trying to think outside the box and looking for some DIY toy storage. I have explored Pinterest for several solutions that I think will help a lot. You can create some projects yourself but they are also available at the store for more practical solutions. Here are 15 clever  toy storage ideas for small spaces that I can gather for your inspiration. Let’s check!

1. DIY Toy Storage Box

2. Wooden Play House Toy Storage

3. Underbed Toy Organizer

4. Magnetic Wall Toy Storage

5. Hanger Bed Toy Storage

6. Brilliant Lego Storage Floor

7. Behind Door Toy Storage

8. DIY Crates Toy Racks

9. Wooden DIY Toy Rack Ideas

10. Cute Suitcase Toy Storage

11. DIY Bucket Toy Storage

12. Simple Hang Toy Storage

13. Adorable Bear Wall Storage

14. Door Toy Storage Basket

15. Large Animal Bags Toy Storage


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