20 Kids Bathroom Decor Ideas To Bath More Fun

Not all kids are easily invited to bathe, although bathing becomes a fun activity when they are already soaking. As a parent, I am very aware of the struggle often faced when bathing children, not to mention kids who are reluctant to brush their teeth, bath toys scattered on the floor, and many more things that sometimes make us frustrated. But you don’t give up yet, based on the experience that I’ve been through it turns out the kids are easy enough to direct us in some fun ways. This is a solution for parents using the right kids bathroom decor ideas.

Today I have collected 20 kids bathroom ideas that make bath more fun. You can arrange where children store their belongings, such as toys or toiletries, can slightly alleviate your problems, and parents do have to teach children to be able to shower properly and arrange their own needs. Of course, everything can be done while you have fun and make a child shower activity is the best activity they wait. Here are some things that you must have for a bathroom.

1. Colorful kids bathroom furniture is very effective to make children curious and encourage them to take a bath.

2. A cute and adorable towel hanger will be a unique decoration for a kids bathroom.

3. If your child is a boy, use the theme of the bathroom according to what they like such as underwater themes, cartoons, superheroes and many more.

4. Teach them to always maintain cleanliness, an adorable mat will keep them from slippery bathroom floors.

5. Little girls like pink showers, and pink kids showers are the best choice.

6. Scattered bathing toys are common things that we often encounter, now you can organize them with some smart DIY wall storage.

7. Wallpaper or wall stickers are the easiest decorations for children. This idea also gives the bathroom a brighter feel.

8. IKEA is my favorite, and this is the Laddan storage board from IKEA that will accommodate all the kids bathing needs.

9. Besides wallpaper. wall frames are an easy and fun way to give a unique touch to a kids bathroom decor.

10. Using a locker in the bathroom is a cool idea that is worth a try. This method helps them organize their own items.

11. Bathroom design is designed for two children, it is suitable for those of you who have twins or a brother and sister who are still the same age.

12. Wall shelves are very important for storage ideas in kids bathrooms. Like this built-in wall shelf hidden behind a door.

13. bench this ladder will help kids use high washstand. But make sure you choose a strong material to maintain the safety of children.

14. Fun toiletries are the most practical way to persuade children to do bathing in an easier way.

15. Not only the bathroom was the parents who need a curtain, you can also install a shower curtain to enhance the decor of children and teach them about privacy.

16. Mirror is an important part of a bathroom, including for kids bathrooms.

17. Adding some greenery is a brilliant idea. This makes them like bathing outside the room surrounded by fresh plants.

18. Unused items can turn out to be something extraordinary in the right hands, like the idea of storing a kids bathroom made of pallets.

19. Toilets can also be turned into kid-friendly decorations, very useful for children who are starting to run toilet training for the first time.

20. Kids bath toys storage is modern and practical because you don’t need to drill the wall. And indeed the main problem of the parents is about storing bath toys. For this reason, you need more than a place to store bath toys.


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