20 Modern Indoor-Outdoor Living Spaces

This modern living space blurs the line between inside and outside. Not just a trend, this open air living room offers the best of outdoor space, bridging the gap between the interior and exterior of each part of the house. Apart from just flooding your living room with sunlight and framing the surrounding landscape, the idea of living space adds to the amount of space that can be occupied and creates the best area for year-round entertainment without any limiting walls.

I have gathered inspiration and noted various ideas for combining two spaces. The first thing you can do is give a natural accent to the living space, it can be a landscape around or plant plants in a room. I love the detail of steel frame, double doors, and large windows that swing from the living room to the front porch. Modern living space with the concept of outdoor space will be very useful for those of you who live in urban areas, helping you to reduce stress pressure and give a refreshing green outlook. Take a look at 20 indoor-outdoor living rooms that will make anyone jealous, perfect for summer entertainment and truly provide a comfortable living space.


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