25 Artistic Interior Designs With Bamboo Accents

When many people are competing to build a modern house with expensive building materials, these architects prove that the beauty of a house sometimes comes from unexpected ideas. This interior is inspired by nature, where bamboo is very important in creating a unique concept for a place to live. As we know bamboo is very popular to use as building materials, furniture or wall art. The decor is quite popular, especially in the Asian region is now widely used by architects worldwide to equip their buildings. Starting from a beach house with bamboo accents to a cabin in the mountains to a vacation home with natural scenery, all of them use bamboo elements to complement their interior design.

Bamboo basically possess strong, can withstand a variety of weather, even for some types of bamboo is believed to be stronger than wood. This is why besides being a good decoration for tropical style, bamboo is able to give an artistic feel to any space. If by chance you want to build a holiday concept house or want to give a little ethnic touch, try adding bamboo accents to your interior. This is the easiest method and will not spend a lot of budget. Although bamboo is considered cheaper than other building materials, but bamboo will look more classy with the right decoration. Today I have collected 25 artistic interior designs with bamboo accents that will make you feel like vacationing every day. Use them as your next interior idea and get inspired!


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