25 Smart Ways To Store Bath Toys That Will Kids Love

Most children like to bathe while playing, they can even feel at home if they are accompanied by their favorite toys. Giving children toys when bathing is indeed the most effective way to persuade them if it is difficult to take a shower, but toys also often make the bathroom mess due to poor storage organizations. If you are bored with bathtubs that are always messy again and again, then you need a smart way to store bath toys so that the bathroom always looks neat, even after the child plays. I have had many bad experiences with kids bath toys, bath toys stumble a few times every time they shower, of course, this would be very worrying if the kids who experience it. It’s time to change the kids bathroom storage system.

I don’t know how many times I damaged kids toys every time I stepped on parts of ducks, robots, boats and balls because they were always scattered on the floor of the bathtub. Today I really want to arrange children’s toys to avoid all the mess while taking a shower, and I have collected 25 bath toy storage solutions that kids will love. The bathroom storage idea is simple and doesn’t drain a lot of budget.

Take advantage of practical items to store toys like hanging fruit baskets that will add a touch of style in the shower, it’s very good that allows the toy is not submerged in water. You can also make bath toy bags made from nets to hang on the wall of the bathtub to coordinate with your bathroom decor. DIY bathroom toy bags allow toys to breathe, so you will easily enter them immediately after the children have finished bathing.

Installing rails is the most effective way for small bathrooms, then just adding a hanging basket for easy and more practical bath toy storage, this method will teach children to always be able to store their own toys. Get a cheaper way to add a nice bucket to store bath toys, and you can hang it, put it on a shelf or just put a bucket on the floor. Scroll down to find more amazing kids toy storage ideas.

source: pinterest, hellocentralavenue

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