30 Creative DIY Busy Boards For Toddler Learning

Having a toddler in your family is a priceless gift, they are a part of the family that always colors your life with joy and happiness. If by chance your toddler is a smart and energetic toddler, you might spend a lot of time teaching them to learn and research each activity to keep them busy during their growth period. The best step is to look for ways to encourage imaginative games that toddlers will like. Today I want to inspire parents with busy board ideas that are very helpful in toddler learning since they are early, and I’m sure you will get years of use from busy boards.

Before you look further, you need to know what a busy board really is and why it is good for your toddler’s activities? A busy board is a specific board that is covered with certain games that drive toddlers’ motor sensors. Consists of a variety of objects that interest them such as locks, latches, buttons, keys and other random things. Nowadays you can easily get a variety of busy board designs at various children’s toy stores or if you are creative enough you can even make your own with just a little expertise. Just take a piece of plywood or wood board and paint or decorate it to your liking. Then take and attach all the items that you think toddlers like. You can decorate these items, paint them or just stick them on a busy board. Here are 30 creative DIY busy boards for toddlers and create something for your toddler’s learning!


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