30 Praying Room Ideas To Bring Your Ramadan More Beautiful

Entering the month of Ramadan, all Muslims throughout the world are competing to do good with more diligence in worship. In addition to fasting, Muslims are also obliged to always perform daily prayers, and in Ramadan this seems to be the most appropriate moment to increase faith. If your daily activities are reduced because you have to fast, then your worship activities must be increased. For this reason, the house becomes the most comfortable place after all your routines, including when you want a praying room.

For Muslims, having a prayer room inside the house is a must. Their obligation to pray 5 times a day does require a special room to be more comfortable in praying. At present there are many interior designers who design prayer rooms with their respective functions. Consisting of various designs and styles of praying rooms that you can apply to the home, even for small spaces. Among the many prayer room ideas, I have collected 30 praying room ideas that will make your Ramadan more beautiful and memorable. Let’s check!

Prayer can indeed be done anywhere, the important thing is that the place must be clean and holy. This is indeed permissible, but imagine if you have a special praying room for your entire family. This will definitely be fun, and all family members will also be more calm and comfortable in worship.

A prayer room does not have to be fancy, you can create a prayer room at a variety of angles down your house with your own minimalist style. Down the stairs, corner of the room, or even the area behind the house can be turned into a praying room. If a Muslim is prepared to be inspired and maybe the idea of this praying room will make your Ramadan more memorable and increase your faith.

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