35 Eco-Friendly Cardboard Shelves Ideas For Your Furniture

Want something functional, eco-friendly, and of course cheap? Who would have thought that these empty boxes could be reused and converted into a stylish storage unit. If we think back, sometimes creative ideas can come from anywhere, even from unexpected ingredients that may often we think is useless. Recycling cardboard is a creative way to care for the environment, besides you can save a lot of budget without having to buy furniture or a new storage unit. Maybe you can indeed buy all the furniture you want, but sometimes some problems arise when you realize that you don’t have a lot of space at home. Cardboard is basically suitable for all types of rooms because it is flexible and easy to adjust as needed. This material is cheap and can last long enough in all season conditions. Nowadays cardboard is not only used by people as DIY storage, they have achieved innovation progress in the most practical and amazing form as seen from the many designs of furniture, wall art, sculpture and much more.

Throw away your thoughts of empty cardboard boxes that will only end up in the trash, consider how cardboard can be transformed into useful things in your life. They are very easy to recycle, are lightweight, and can be used for various purposes that save a lot of space. Amazingly, you can fold it and store it after you don’t use it. Cardboard storage ideas are not only cheap ideas, but they can be a beautiful decoration addition to your home. Get inspired!


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