35 Modern Landscape Design Ideas For Minimalist Courtyard Garden

Outdoor modern concept is simple and easy to apply, including how to design a modern landscape that is suitable for those who live in urban areas. This is a smooth and beautiful geometric design between urban densities, clean lines and green open spaces that make you feel relaxed after returning home. Combining natural concepts with the details of modern sculpture can create contemporary living space, this area can be your favorite and family when you want to spend time outdoors. You can add some furniture to turn it into a comfortable living space, dining room for dining out. Modern landscaping is also very compatible with water features, they are a good unity with refreshing elements and the sound of running water. If by chance you have a small courtyard, try to plant in your home fence. The choice of tropical and desert plants is very popular for modern landscapes.

Your front yard or backyard can use modern designs, they are more inclined to a minimalist look with fewer plants. Forget thick garden or a shady tree with a lot of colors. Modern landscapes consist of clean lines, natural colors, use of grass and rocks, and minimize different colors. The point is to unite everything in a way that is interesting and unites with your outer space concept. Here are 35 modern landscape design ideas for a minimalist courtyard garden. Find your favorite and share with your loved ones.


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