37 Fun And Unique Secret Room Ideas For Your Hideaway

As a child, have you ever dreamed to have a secret room? A space where only you know and are free to do whatever you want there. Every child would want to have their own secret room, this is like a secret hiding place where they can play to their heart’s content. Inspired by childhood desires and dreams, I want to show you the idea of a secret space that will bring you back in time. But not this time it’s not just a secret room that only you know, but these spaces have additional functions for your home such as living room, bedroom, children’s playroom, wine cellar, and many more. But don’t worry, I still include a great idea of a secret room if you really want a hidden room, a place where you can isolate yourself, entertain yourself or just seek peace.

For those of you who want to have a secret room, you should take advantage of the space that was never thought of before. The easiest way is to make a door hidden in the wall, you can use a wooden wall or wallpaper to disguise the decoration. Uniting the secret door with furniture like a bookcase or closet is the most common idea, but it would be more difficult if you are not smart design bookcase or cabinet doors to avoid being seen. If your room is small, use the area under the stairs as a secret room. In addition to practical, the idea of a secret room under the stairs will be a favorite area for children. You can copy some of these secret room designs and get a unique house filled with fun spaces. Please scroll down and prepare to be inspired!

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