38 Shower Niche Ideas That Organized Your Bathroom

Before dreaming of having a bathroom that is like a spa, first consider making a storage area to avoid all the clutter and make your bathing activities more comfortable. The most annoying thing when taking a bath is where you can’t find a shampoo bottle, and the soap is misplaced. I’m sure every bathroom must have a safe place to organize all your bathroom needs, but no matter how good your bathroom storage, it will take up more space in the bathroom wall. Installing a shower niche inside the bathroom wall will give you more comfort and space to relax, this is a built-in shelf design hidden in the shower wall to provide storage space for bathroom equipment. This is a practical way for those of you who do not want any more hanging rack that will interfere with your bath, corner shelves that are difficult to clean, or perfume bottles on the floor of the shower. This gives you the convenience of organizing bathroom storage to keep it clean and organized, and provides a more modern luxury accent.

From pebble niche shower, marble, granite to multi-color tiles, they are just some of the options for niche beautify your bathroom to fit the theme of the shower you want, without having to add extra storage just to get a tremendous benefit. A niche shower consists of many design choices that you can use according to your needs, do you like the idea of a horizontal or vertical shower niche? Double shower recess or has a simple design, to add lighting to it. Today I have collected 38 niche shower ideas that will organize your bathroom, just scroll down and find more inspiration!


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