40 Cool Hexagon Shelf Ideas For Kids Room

Shelf storage are very important to overcome the chaos that is often encountered by parents. If you are patient enough, but the child room still looks messy, so now there are many recent trends in the design of storage shelves for children. If you usually often find a box or circle shaped shelf, this is a geometric shelf design that takes a big step to try to apply in kids room. Among all the child storage shelves I’ve ever met, the thing that caught my attention about this design is that the geometric shelves really look cool and adorable. At first glance it looks like a honeycomb attached to the wall, but unique you can give them different color choices or let it be like natural wood carvings.

We know it as a hexagon rack, or often also called a versatile hexagon rack. From this cute appearance, I want to inspire you to bring them to your next kids storage list. The unique shape will give the children’s room would look they like, see how you combine them and be creative through the most adorable hexagon shelf ideas for kids rooms. I have created this collection to help you find your own favorite hexagon shelf ideas, I will soon redecorate your children’s room after seeing these creative photos. Let’s check!


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