55 Most Adorable DIY Painted Rock Art Ideas

Many things can be done in decorating a house, even things that are considered trivial and worthless can be transformed into an art that is useful to beautify your home decor. One of them is a DIY stone painting project with this very adorable crafting art. Who makes a worthless stone or gravel be transformed into something unique? Something that is very easy for you to get but can bring out your creative side. If you see this rock art painting ideas, you probably would not deny if they are rocks that often you see in gardens, riverside or seaside. The stones that are given a creative touch have high artistic value when you use them properly, I’m sure this DIY project is not difficult because for some of your crafts just simply paint it.

If you are observant enough, there are many types of rocks that already has a unique shape and texture, but in spite of that, you still can turn ordinary flat stones into a work of art. They are very beautiful with photo frames, as wall decorations, gifts for certain moments, or just to train children’s creativity. You only need color paint, varnish and additional accessories such as wood and sand, then you are ready to make an artistic work from the rocks. Today I have collected 55 rock painting art ideas to inspire your complete. They are really adorable, you can’t even say some of them are stones. Enjoy!


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