60 Forest Themed Wedding Ideas That Beautiful For Summer

I believe every day, month and year is a wonderful moment to get married. That is what makes you no more reason to delay marriage, even though I know many things that need to be prepared so that everything is smooth as you expect. Instead you are confused about the wedding theme you want, so why not try a wedding theme outside the room? Especially in the summer this is very popular for many people who want to hold a wedding outside the room. Of course, you will not be confused with weather problems whether it is rain or a storm, especially if the concept of your marriage is forest theme.

Woodlands is a great place to celebrate weddings in bohemian forest, countryside, magic and all surrounded by wood. Try to take advantage of the green forest environment with floral decor background for your wedding, it’s quite simple and certainly did not spend a lot of budget to hire an expensive wedding decorations. Use ferns and moss in the decorations, and more green plants that blend into the surrounding forest environment. For natural appearance, you also need to choose the right furniture with this theme. Tree stumps for chairs or stands, pieces of wood for tables, and garnish with charming flowers or lamps. The final step, give a fresh touch to add fruits such as fresh berries, grapes or oranges for dessert or perhaps a wreath.

Forest weddings are not only unique, they always help create a romantic touch surrounded by stunning forest scenery. There are many forest wedding concept which can be found here. Green leaves, candles, lace wedding dresses and simple wooden decorations will all give you lots of inspiration.

So, don’t hesitate to do what you think is the best, and give him the most beautiful surprise on the wedding day.


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