All White Smeg’s Collection For Classic Kitchen Appliances

If all this time we know Smeg with their colorful kitchen utensils, this time there is something different from Smeg collection that releases a collection of white household appliances. Maybe a little strange at a glance when considering all this time they are consistent with colorful products. First introduced in Regent Street London, the Italian luxury brand is exhibiting classic color elegant choice for some special products of them. A little reminds me of a beautiful winter, but still maintains a classic style that has been legendary.

White color selection of a new and bold step by Smeg. They recently launched a white fridge with a Mickey Mouse theme, which previously we often saw kitchen equipment that was identical to pastel colors like blue, green, pink, yellow or red. I really appreciate what Smeg is doing this time, I understand how they want to make a product that is minimalist, sleek, and more contemporary in today’s modern kitchens. But still, Smeg maintains a curved retro style for impact members, and a refreshing color combination for your best interior equipment.


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