Beautiful Church With Shades Of Light In Belgium

This small church will change your perspective about how unique architecture can create wonders not only for living quarters but also for a place of worship. Located in Belgium, at a glance it looks just like an ordinary small church. However, if we look and see from the corner, you will see the real charm of the church who want to display. When the light of day, the church emits shades of transparent light, and you will see mysterious black shadows appearing from within the church. This is a beautiful and unusual sight in churches in general.

This church is the result of collaboration with several Belgian architects. It was created by combining hundreds of pieces of steel plate in order to create background light during the day, such as a peep from the outside wall. It doesn’t stop there, the charm is increasingly felt as the sun rises and sets, see in the church where only a portion of the light is visible. If you are on vacation in Belgium, don’t forget to visit this unique church that is hard to miss.


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