Country Garden House With Nature Inspired By Olson Kundig

What would happen if a country-style house was inspired by nature? Country garden house is the answer. This beautiful house was designed by Olson Kundig who is in the middle of a lush landscape. This house takes every opportunity to enjoy the surrounding natural scenery and rolling hills, while the interior keeps creating a warm space that can be enjoyed by every family member. The shape of the house consist of wood reclaimed former is reminiscent of the structure of agriculture or even a greenhouse with glass-topped roofs are pitched high, and high windows at each end of the main volume of the house is flooded with natural light.

At the front door, there is an open view through the living room with a green hillside outside. There is also a long corridor that separates the private bedroom space from the more public living room, while the garden is visible from each room. Interior materials using a mixture of earthy feeling, the texture of the outdoor gardens, and a wooden ceiling which opens in the main room can give a rustic feel. Not quite up there, the easily accessible outdoor living area offers abundant space for family gatherings in lush surroundings. This is a soothing house with a lot of influence from the country style but still modest in nature.

source: olson kundig


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