Fish Creek House: Perfect Holiday Spots Surrounded By Nature

As the name implies this extraordinary holiday home is in Fish Creek, Australia. Designed by Archiblox which places a small vacation home among towering trees and as a traditional escape to the beach. Blessed with stunning natural landscapes, where the land meets the sea. This house is the perfect combination of landscape and structure like a modern warehouse. This is a typical Australian holiday home, made of wood with natural materials and colors both inside and outside. This house is the perfect blend of warmth and refreshing elements of the sea.

Fish Creek House really cares about sustainability and life skills. Are carefully designed to maximize natural cooling, heating and lighting. The bedroom is placed on the northwest side to provide privacy, scenery and protection from winter winds. The living room takes advantage of summer cooling thanks to accurately located windows and glass sliding doors. The ceiling is intentionally open to maximize the sunlight inside during the winter.

Carbon materials and lightweight materials are selected to provide health benefits and environmental friendly impact. This house provides complete facilities on a limited budget, using carefully selected finishes and designs considered. The metal chimney-shaped fireplace looks stylish as well as the main heating source for the house. A remote decking with an outdoor bathtub supplied from rainwater offers relaxation on a hot day.

Vacation here, you will feel close to nature, sound the sea echo, the sky is charming and the cool surrounding forest is what you definitely get. Strong and tough in color, making it able to withstand the harsh conditions experienced by this area. The indoor/outdoor concept with a dark exterior highlights bright interiors through wide glass.

Color palettes come from the landscape to bring residents and the environment closer together. Designed as a place of refuge, reducing stress, encouraging creativity and escape which is perfect for a vacation. This is the perfect holiday spot that is hard to miss.

source: homeworlddesign


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