IKEA Inspired: Bright And Colorful Workspace In Garage

If you are a loyal visitor to my site, you would not be surprised if I was truly inspired by IKEA. So many creative ways ranging from cool furniture, unusual decorations to amazing IKEA DIY projects that I had never imagined before were able to become extraordinary ideas. Who would have thought if you make a home office space in the room to do whatever you have. This garage has completely transformed into a creative and colorful workspace so that it can be used as a pleasant work space and remain comfortable in it.

The workspace is also a kids play area, with lots of bright ideas that will change your outlook about a dirty and dusty garage. This is how they do it.

Perhaps you and I would think if the garage without windows may not be seen as the best place for creativity especially for a workspace, but Chloe managed to give a simple touch that makes it work properly. She is a prop and illustrator, her first step is to place his work desk near the door to get natural lighting and also add a work lamp on his desk to help her do more detailed work.

The selection of plain white walls aims to brighten up the entire space and create a large canvas to display various works of art made by Chloe, which are located on shelves so it is easy to change.

“My children are very happy to visit me working in this studio. My oldest child loves daydreaming and drawing, imagining small scenes that he photographed, just like me.”

“Having wheeled furniture means it can make it easier for me to move when I will work on a larger project. The rest room is where I put the work I’m currently working on, and the children use it to work on their crafts.”

“At first I was interested in this house because of the garage,” Chloe said. “When you work from home, it’s nice to have another room to work, and leave it at the end of the day.”


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