Incredible Beachfront House Designed With Infinity Atlantic Ocean Views

Being in this amazing site as a piece of earthly paradise, on a sandy beach in Cadiz, the Spanish architect Alberto Campo Baeza has successfully designed the house most radical ever made ‘House Of The Infinite’, a residential property overlooking the infinite ocean, referring on the endless Atlantic Ocean that stretches in front of it. There had stood a house as if it was a pier facing the sea. The most amazing building concept of this house is its colossal roof. Shaped like an elevated stone plane complete with an infinity pool at the top of the building. This area is imagined by architects as a jetty with Roman travertine stones aimed at complementing the colors of the surrounding sandy beaches.

Measuring 20 meters wide and 36 meters deep, the minimalist design gives the impression that the originals are even bigger than that. There is a terrace surrounded by three walls aimed at protecting users from strong coastal winds. At the bottom of this roof, there are two floors placed, built using solid stone to develop the entire living space. An extraordinary house with a minimalist building style that makes you always grateful about the beauty of nature.

source: ignant

photos: Javier Callejas


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