Mars Case: Future House To Live On Mars

There is one simple question that is sometimes difficult for us to answer, what is the definition of an ideal house for you? Is that a modern house with complete facilities? Is it a large, rustic, comfortable house? Or a simple house filled with happiness? In this case, I believe people have their answers. But imagine if humans are forced to live on Mars, our neighboring planet distant and lonely. Regardless of how many hundred or thousand years into the future, we have often heard about this discourse, but only this time the plan for a future home has been realized. Open Architecture and Chinese company Xiaomi who have managed to imagine an ideal home. Named Mars Case by combining design, architecture and technology, to settle on the planet Mars.

A module measuring 2,4 meters that is lightweight and compact in which all the components in-house services and inflatable living room can be folded and stored for easy and efficient transport. For interior business, it is equally amazing, all domestic devices signed by Xiaomi are wireless and can be connected to each other. Designed to be able to survive in extreme areas, a minimalist designed design, this pocket house against the flow of endless consumption of materials and only save the essentials. Now living on Mars is a step further, and the architects seem to be really serious about thinking about human survival in the future. How? Are you interested in living on Mars? Let’s take a look at the Mars Case gallery below to make sure.


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