Park Royal Hotel And Office That Eco Friendly Garden

Not all high-rise buildings, shopping centers and apartments in urban areas only have a negative impact on the surrounding environment. Although we know climate change and global warming are being hit almost all parts of the world. Woha architects show how we must preserve the natural surroundings and at least suppress this problem by designing Park Royal, a hotel and office with an environmentally friendly park. The project on Upper Pickering Street is a study of how we can not only conserve greenery in the high-rise downtown but multiply it with striking, integrated and sustainable architecture.

Standing as a green environment in central Singapore, this site is right at the crossroads between the CBD and the colorful districts of Chinatown and Clarke Quay, and faces directly to Hong Lim Park. Shaped podium contoured respond scale streets and sculpted to form a dramatic outdoor plazas, gardens and terraces that flows seamlessly into the interior. Surrounded by greenery from the park arranged in the form of openings planted with fertile, cracks, ditches and waterfalls, so that this combination gives a natural feel that creates a refreshing urban element. While the crisp and sleek tower blocks are in harmony with the surrounding high-rise office buildings. Park Royal is like a green oasis that gives freshness in the midst of urban dense and a good step in helping to save the planet.


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