Pocket Chair: Comfortable And Safe At The Same Time

This chair might meet all your expectations for a functional chair. Partially designed as a storage bag, while others function as subconscious containers where you will put your hands. The Pocket Chair was designed by Kewey Loke which comes with unusual details. Built right on the side of the seat is a leather pocket that can be used to store your tools and equipment, or even your phone. In addition, it can function as a pocket where you put your hand, either because of unconscious habits or even deliberately, this method is considered to reduce feelings of confinement and you will feel protected.

Adding unusual chairs built as comfortably as possible fits your needs, giving you the elements that make chairs more interactive and useful. The pocket in the chair functions like a pants pocket, you can use it to store objects, or put your hands in, as a subconscious way to feel more comfortable and safe. Chair looks simple but has exceptional functionality.

source: yankodesign


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