Pretty Warehouse Apartment With Exposed Brick Walls

This pretty apartment is a renovation of an old warehouse built in 1887. The converted Gas Regulating House is located in North Melbourne that maintains the original shape of the building and makes it look natural, visible from exposed brick buildings and stunning tall windows. This warehouse apartment is actually a promotional tool for Hunting for George that changes the listed apartments as a heritage to showcase their latest collection of home items, so if you like you can visit their site to get it.

Walk to all spaces in this warehouse apartment including kitchen, dining room, lounge area and bedroom. You will like to see amazing art galleries, all parts starting from furniture, accessories and other items have been filled with Hunting for George products. They offer a wide range of unique products such as bed linen, art prints, ceramics, tableware, cushions and much more. So if you are interested, scroll down and find the most beautiful inspiration for your home, as reported by Shockblast below!


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