Riparian House: Hidden Nature Paradise In India

This hidden paradise is also blessed with stunning natural landscape. Found and designed by Architecture Brio, Riparian House is not far from Mumbai, India. A mountain landscape appeared, called the Western Ghats, on the UNESCO heritage area, many rivers and streams flowing down through the undulating landscape that eventually flows into the bay of Bombay. With an area of 330 square meters, the upper part of the roof of the house that grows together with the top of the hill, hides the house from the approach on the east side. But from the inside, one can enjoy the sights north along the Irshalgad hill and from the west can enjoy the sunset, while the winding river crosses the agricultural fields.

The slope of the site to reach 1: 4 put to good use as vegetation which gives the house an additional area that can be used. From above, we will see an extension of the natural landscape, serving to improve the poorly maintained house. The green cover serves to keep the house under cold because of its insulative nature. Walking into the house, you will be taken along a rough stone wall towards the pool deck. The second step, you will be taken to the main level of the house where the axis peaks through the dining room and kitchen to a courtyard full of light. Experience such as hidden inside the earth, is enhanced through large stones found during the process of excavating and sustaining the earth.


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