Rustic Contemporary Treehouse Passed A Roaring River

This rustic treehouse was designed by David Johnston Architects, is one of the most beautiful locations on earth right next to a river that roars in the mountains of Woody Creek, Colorado. It is a bit unusual because it is located on the edge of a steep forest to have a slope of 30 degrees, making it was only 10 feet from the Roaring Fork River in Lower River Road in Old Snowmass. Consisting of three levels that are almost almost suspended on the water between branches, this is a distinctive feature of a contemporary tree house. With an area of 4,500 square feet, anyone can listen to the river from inside the house, especially if it is on the second floor, where the kitchen, living room and dining room are. Wood features such as walls to floor-to-ceiling windows, sloping windows and three-storey attic floors bring the river to a higher space.

This house was first built in the 1960s and was discovered by Feldmans in 2003, also being one of the few home sites that are lower than the highway, so it is in a quiet environment. For some reason, the renovation of this house has a constraint in 2006, local districts require new home pushed backward 50 to 100 feet from the river, but they are built on the existing foundation. This is the challenge for the architect to fit the original foundation. The location of buildings that are tight causes problems, but also produces designs that challenge categories.

Architects chose to use cantilever masses throughout the second story to expand the size of the house without breaking the existing code. The result is a contemporary kitchen that extends eight feet from the original trail and bridge dramatic sign hanging in the trees.

Extensively optimized design constraints faced by architects. Angled support is placed where they are because it’s really the only place they can go beyond the foundation. This is also the reason the architect designed the bridge to the entry, not the retaining wall. So the resulting design looks unique because it is made together with the site and not on it.

source: onekindesign


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