Shell Sofa: Cat Friendly Furniture With Functional Designs

Shell sofa comes with two functions offer fun and stunning visual display with a thick frame, but hollow. Designed by designer Natalia Komarova it immediately looks in a strict physical sense, is minimalist in style but visually almost soft, spacious and pleasant to look at. The sofa has a curved design from the left to the back and to the right, with space between it for the pillow and also functions as two side tables if you remove the pillow at the end. It does look futuristic, but it is still light and airy thanks to its metal rods that create dynamic optical illusions, making Shell’s sofa design very attractive for overall viewing.

This sofa still has a unique function that is suitable for pet lovers. Equipped with two final openings at the beginning and end of the structure, making it the most entertaining play area for your favorite cat. So it’s not surprising if the Shell sofa managed to become the winner of the A’ Design Award for the year 2019.

source: beautifullife


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