The New And First Google Engineering Center With Sophisticated Design In Latin America

Who is not familiar with the giant Google company? They have now grown rapidly with millions of users throughout the world through the various products and conveniences they offer. Now Google has become the world number one company with offices spread almost all over the world, and recently they have also been successfully completed Google Engineering Center in Latin America and the new office is the only office of Google in this state. BCMF Arquitetos and Mach Arquitetos are the architects behind the success of this project, they chose Latin America as a form of Google service in every country precisely in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. The new office, which has an area of 50,000 square feet, has four floors in one building. Architects want to combine the spirit of the city into the global engineering center of a global company using bold graphics, colors and lighting to create a sophisticated yet inspiring workspace.

The workspace is divided into two concepts, while most of the office space is filled with traditional work area, and the rest into the general community spaces. The recreation area and game room have warm and vibrant bright colors, which refer to the local culture and landscape, while workspace is a combination of cold tones with glass, a privacy screen and a sleek surface.

Google very attentive to employees with the establishment of super great restaurants. Inviting Máximo Soalheiro to pay homage to the expert in cooking the area with full shelves of 2,116 pots of spices with a range of 200 colors mixed for local color references.

One of the highlights here, it seems like Google was inspired by nature for some parts of their office and I think this really has a positive impact on employees. A unique pot hanging plants and a glass wall with wallpaper tree is a small part of Google efforts to respect the natural surroundings.

This sophisticated office also features glass graphics designed to offer transparency and privacy for those working in conference rooms.

source: design-milk


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