Unique And Perfect Hobbit House By Javier Senosiain

I remember first seeing this hobbit house in my favorite movie, The Lord of the rings, and it seems like many people use the design of this house in real life. Since the film, we like being helped to visualize it clearly until now we know what the hobbit house design should look like. But actually the idea of a hobbit house and its real form existed long before it became a trend, as seen in the organic underground house designed by architect Javier Senosiain, and surprisingly this house was finished in 1984. However, if we look further into the design and concept still looks modern and futuristic even today. Hobbit house is located in Naucalpan de Juarez, Mexico has a nut-inspired structure in the sense that the house is structured into two pieces, two oval volumes are connected by a tunnel.

This hobbit house is perfect for describing the hobbit house design as it has been implanted in our imagination, this house is very unique because it is entirely embedded into the ground which allows the architects to start the project by actually forming the site and making it almost like a grass-covered skateboarding track. Architects also ensure the safety of its residents by equipping home using a metal frame with concrete poured on top of it, then coating with polyurethane on it for insulation and waterproof. Hobbit house blend with the surrounding nature, earth and grass cover everything, turning this area into a park marvelous and magical. The house is on a beautiful slope with glass windows for a natural view from inside.

source: homedit


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