10 Creative Ways To Action Figures Display For Any Room

Have a hobby of action figures but confused about showing off your collection? Many people want a cool way to display action figures, as we know this hobby is not cheap, so it is only natural that you want the best place to store and display your collection at the same time. I’ve also seen some cool inspiration on how to organize the collection, but still can not determine the best idea for displaying action figures. That’s the reason why I pushed myself to collect 10 creative ways to display action figures, they are not only practically in any space but also not all of them have to look luxurious to get the best action figures.

Do you want to build a special room for your entire action figure collection? Or you just want to make a simple storage area that looks chic in any room? I believe one of them is your favorite. If you really want your collection to look professional and awesome, scroll down now to give yourself lots of inspiration to work with. Let’s check!

1. Make a special room to display the action figures is the dream of every person who has this hobby. If you happen to have more budget and an empty area in your home, it never hurts to display your collection in one room. You can use glass cabinets for wall dividers with a variety of modern features such as spotlights or cabinets with sophisticated sliding doors

2. Displaying action figures also doesn’t have to be expensive, they can be put together in one room just like in the living room. Use glass cabinets to store your collection as well as add to the aesthetic beauty room

3. Home entertainment or the TV room is the best place to display your action figures. Here you can play games or watch your favorite movies according to your action figure collection. Create special shelves for action figures that surround the TV or customize it with your home entertainment concept

4. Your children have a collection of toys or action figures? So it looks more attractive make shelf collection with interesting color combination. Like a row of blue action figures on the first shelf, red on the second shelf, and so on

5. Have a lot of action figures but are confused about how to display them? Try to make a long storage shelf. Display the collection on the top shelf so that the wall area below can be used to display other collectibles

6. Display wall shelf is the best way to display your collection, but what if you also want to frame them? This wall frame idea uses a bold color that provides a great visual for displaying action figures

7. Making floating shelves to display action figures is also a great way and quite easy. Star wars action figures like really alive and like a real adventure in outer space

8. Room divider made of wood can be used as a cool action figure wardrobe. Use glass walls with the addition of modern-looking LED lights for the entire action figure collection

9. Do you want an action figure that is simple but still looks cool? Use a book wall shelf that also serves to store your collection

10. Workspace is not always serious. To lower your tension and fatigue while working, put the action figures on a shelf in the den wall. This method is very effective to provide you with entertainment in the middle of your work to make you excited again


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