10 Genius Christmas Decor Ideas For Small Space

Christmas this year will be slightly different from previous Christmases, but we are ready to try to make a festive Christmas atmosphere for families. Even though there will be no Christmas party this year, we can still have a lot of fun decorating this house without compromising the Christmas spirit one bit.

If you happen to live in a small room, be it an apartment, a tiny house or just decorate some parts with Christmas decorations. There are different ways to add holiday decorations genius without consuming much space in your room. Today I am really excited about various Christmas decoration ideas for our favorite little room, please scroll down and get inspired!

1. Placing the Christmas tree is indeed an important decoration at Christmas. If your room does not allow for a large Christmas tree, then use a small Christmas tree and just put it in the window.

2. If you usually put stockings on the Christmas tree or fireplace as part of the decoration. For a small room, you can look for other alternative idea to put your Christmas stocking as display cabinets shelves or other furniture that has become a part of your decor.

3. The coffee table can be decorated with beautiful Christmas decorations. This small area can be a great decoration at Christmas. Give the coffee table a Christmas ornament or decoration that is not too large.

4. The living room or small living room area can be most convenient when you want to celebrate Christmas. Make the most of every inch of the living room by adding Christmas decorations, even the window can be turned into a cozy corner during the Christmas celebrations.

5. The hallway or driveway usually has a narrow size. Add a touch of Christmas to hang the Christmas decorations such as snowflakes, Christmas wreaths, and so on.

6. The bathroom is the most private area in your home. The room is small though but you also spend more time here. Change your bathroom with a simple Christmas nuance, like adding a small Christmas tree or other Christmas ornaments.

7. Prepare Christmas dishes with a festive kitchen feel. For simple decoration, you can hang a wreath on a window or kitchen door.

8. For a more festive kitchen Christmas decoration. Decorate your kitchen table with Christmas nuances like a tiny Christmas tree or Christmas decorations.

9. Choices of tiny Christmas trees are indeed the best decorations for small spaces. To make your Christmas tree look unique, you can make it stand up by adding a shelf or bench and just placing it on top of it.

10. Make Christmas crafts that can be displayed at Christmas. Use mason jars or glass bottles to make your favorite Christmas crafts.


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